Key Features of Yealink CP960-UVC50 Zoom Room Kit

Do you have a problem hearing or addressing everyone in the conference room at a meeting? Yealink CP960-UVC50 Zoom room kit is the perfect all-in-one bundle you must get your hands on. This kit is perfectly designed for a medium or small meeting or conference rooms.

Yealink CP960-UVC50 Zoom room kit specifications:


  • Mini-PC:
    Windows 10 operating system
    Intel Core i7/i5 CPU processor
    128GB SSD storage
  • Camera:
    Up to 1080p at 60fps resolution
    91-degree field of view
    60-degree pan and 40-degree tilt
  • Conference phone:
    Android operating system
    5” 1280×720 capacitive touchscreen display
    Pickup range of 20ft, 30-degree
  • PoE adapter:


The device acts as a controller for the speakerphone and the zoom room kit, this way you do not need any additional gadgets on the conference table. The Yealink CP960-UVC50 is android-based. Therefore, it becomes easy to access the zoom room application.

You can also control the volume of the microphone, and if you do not want to speak on the microphone, you can mute it as well. Whether you want to join a meeting, control the camera, or start your presentation, the Yealink Zoom room kit has made it all possible with a single controller.

The built-in microphones improve the audio quality and voice pickup range. If you are in a small or medium conference room, the Yealink zoom room kit will provide an amazing audio experience for all the participants.

The camera quality is not compromised in the zoom room kit. The high resolution and wide horizontal view make it easier to capture the whole conference room. You can also adjust the camera angle, and the zoom-in feature focuses on every participant’s face. You do not need any additional installation.

It is not a difficult or expensive task to install the Yealink CP960-UVC50 Zoom Room Kit. Just install the camera on the top of the TV and the mini PC at the back, place the Zoom room kit on the table, and all you need is a LAN cable to connect the two.

The management platform and cloud service make it easier for the administrator to control the devices on the platform. As it supports Windows 10, when you update the Windows, the camera and the Yealink plug-in will also be updated automatically.

If you are looking for the perfect kit to use in a small to a medium-size conference or meeting room, Yealink CP960-UVC50 Zoom room kit offers the perfect bundle for you. With handling the dual screens, outstanding audio quality, the participants will not complain about not hearing your voice.

This kit provides you an all-in-one solution problems like not being able to hear clearly in the conference room or having trouble while opening the PowerPoint presentation. With no additional gadgets required, the Yealink Zoom room kit is a must-have for every conference room. Just make sure to install the Zoom room application on the mini PC, and you are good to go. For premium Video Conferencing check out our friends at AV TakeOut.

Unemployed? Think Before You Cash Out!

If you’re suddenly unemployed, you have a number of unpleasant choices to make. Can you keep your car? Your house? If so, for how long? Probably the most unpleasant choice: Which assets do you sell first to make ends meet? And how do you go about liquidating the savings you’d hoped to spend on something else?

Financial planners generally say you should have three to six months’ expenses in an easily accessible account in case of an emergency. And getting laid off is a financial emergency if there ever was one, particularly if you only have one income.

This is a rule of thumb that’s probably more often said than done, however. Let’s say that you make $80,000 a year and that your expenses are about 60% of your gross pay. We’re just talking about the money you need to pay the bills, here. You won’t be contributing to your 401(k) plan, and, since you don’t have income, you can pass on tax withholding, too.

Nevertheless, we’re talking about salting away $12,000 to $24,000 in a low-interest savings account, and for many families, that’s a tough amount to save.

After you’ve exhausted your emergency fund, your next candidate should be any taxable investments you have: stocks, bonds and mutual funds. If you’re at this point, you should also consider selling some of your stock funds. Your risk tolerance is obviously different now. After all, this money is no longer being saved for a far-off goal: It’s being used now, which means you should be careful with it.

True, stock funds have gotten clobbered recently, and you can argue that stocks are cheap. On the other hand, by looking at it that way, you’re making a market-timing decision, not a cash-flow decision. By moving to less risky investments, you’ll give up some potential gains, but you’ll also sidestep some potential losses. And you’ll have a better idea of how much cash you have to use in the coming months.

You can also use your taxable losses to offset any amount of taxable gains this year. Stop laughing. It could happen. You can also deduct $3,000 of losses from your taxable income – a fact that’s less interesting if you have no income. If you have run out of taxable investments, you’ll have to start tapping funds in retirement accounts. Your first stop should be a Roth IRA, if you have one. You can take your contributions from a Roth IRA at any time with no tax implications.

Finally, there’s your 401(k). If you’re laid off, you can request to have the company write you a check for your 401(k) balances. Your company will do that, but it will withhold 20% of your 401(k) for taxes, because your entire withdrawal is taxable. You may also owe 10% of the entire amount for the early-withdrawal tax penalty. You can dodge the 10% penalty if you have lost your job and you’re 55 or older.

Thanks to the Best Solar Panel Installer Raleigh NC for this financial advise!